2019 competition

Robocar Online Live Robotics Competition 2019


Live event: 2018-12-31 14:00 UTC

Combined video from live event.

There is no clear winner and it was decided to award 10euro Amazon cards to: Aahaan, Naveen, Siddharth, Vlad

2018 Robotics Arm Contest

The goal of 2018 robotic arm contest is to make robotics accessible to people with little or no experience. If you are already skilled in that field, feel free to join and compete with others.

In this contest, you will create simple robotic arm that will put decorations to Christmas/New Year’s tree.

Feel free to use lego, vex, fischertechnik, wooden planks, cardboard, tape, your old VHS player and whatever else you have laying around. You could program servo motors with Arduino, or just turn simpler DC motors on and off.

The final round of competition will be held online on December 31st, 2018. Participants will stream online video of their creations.

Awards And Prizes

Grand prize: 25 euro Amazon gift card


2-5 place: 5 euro Amazon gift card


(additional special prizes will be revealed later)

How to participate


  1. Build a robotic arm with 2 motors
  2. Submit short video and few pictures of the your creation to the website
  3. Compete in live event during 31st of December 2018 (you will have to stream video)

Submision details

Need help with building robot?



  1. Robotic arm should have exactly 2 motors. Servo, DC, piezo, pump and others are allowed. You could use any brand or shape, as long as its longest size is less than 1m.
  2. The base for the robotic arm should be small enough to fit on A4 paper (297mm x 210mm).
  3. Entries should be submitted before 2018-12-27 23:00 UTC
  4. Points will be awarded during qualification and live rounds.
  5. Arms should move small cubes. Allowed cube sizes: each side is 10-20mm. E.g. lego 2x2 brick is suitable (16x16x11 mm).

Full rules

Setup example:

setup example

Deadlines and Important Dates

Submission deadline 2018-12-27 23:00 UTC

Live event: 2018-12-31


Join us in discord:


Here is list of people and organizations who helped to organize this event.

Andrija Milojevic

Paul Houghton

Want to help?