1. Robotic arm should have exactly 2 motors. Servo, DC, piezo, pump and others are allowed. You could use any brand or shape, as long as its longest size is less than 1m.
  2. The base for the robotic arm should be small enough to fit on A4 paper (297mm x 210mm).
  3. Entries should be submitted before 2018-12-27 23:00 UTC
  4. Points will be awarded during qualification and live rounds.
  5. Allowed cube sizes: each side is 10-20mm. E.g. lego 2x2 brick is suitable (16x16x11 mm).


Points are awarded for great work. Penalties will be applied for not respecting others time and effort.

Live rounds

One live round could have most 9 participants.

Places are grouped by 5 second intervals from fastest.

1st places: 90 points

2nd places: 80 points

…. (and so on)

E.g. if 5 participants completed tasks in (

Then the first 2 will get 90 points, 3rd and 4th - 80points , and 5th - 70 points.

During qualification

The first 10 valid submissions get a bonus of +3 points.

Extra points will be awarded for log10(likes) rounded down. E.g. 100 likes will give 2 extra points, while 1.000.000 will give 6 extra points.


Poor streaming video quality: -1 to -50 points.

Skipping a task: -20 points.

Partial placement mistakes: -1 to -3 points (e.g. cube 30% on the line).

Being late for pre-match validation: -3 points.

Invalid size for area or cubes: -1 to -20 points.

Updating submission: -0 points. We encourage to improve your work.

Roboarm base is too big: -1 to -20 points. Only mechanical part with motors is evaluated here, everything that connected with wires/pipes, could be as big a you want. Batteries, laptop, breadboard, water tank, etc doesn’t have to be in the stream either.


Submission deadline 2018-12-27 23:00 UTC

Play area

A4 layout

You could use tape to stick printed area to table.